Smell Good

Well I recently came across Scentbird and I absolutely love it. I’m not really the type of girl to be out in the mail trying to figure out what perfume nor have the time or patience to new standing there spraying and smelling anything. Every time I end up buying a perfume I swear it smells so differently by the time I get home. So when I found this Scentbird I was super happy. I can try a perfume out for a month before going shopping looking lost cause let’s be honest I’m not a typical girly girl. But enough of that so Scentbird is not only cheap they have a referral that for every friend that signs up gives you a free month. So far I’ve gotten 3 vials and have only paid for one. My sister’s just love this too!!! It’s a win win. It you wanting some new smell goods you should definitely try Scentbird


About Happy Aries

Well I'm new to this 'blogging' not even sure what or who gave me the idea to start this but learning something new is always fun to me.
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