Mother of teenage BOYS!!!

Well where can I start?…..

Well to start off I was a teenage single mom of two boys 2 years apart. Growing up and trying to raise toddlers well… it was hard. I don’t think I could have the energy to do it all over again. I remember one time both my boys were throwing a tantrum and i’m sure you could tell I was stressed because this older lady came up to me while I was holding my oldest by the hand trying to keep him from throwing himself back and trying to pick up my baby off the ground while screaming. STRESSED… Well she told me “…don’t worry sweety it gets easier once they are older.” Wish I could find her and tell her she lied to me!!! Teenagers suck!!! I would trade everything to be able to go back to spit ups, dirty diapers and the terrible 3s!!! It should really be TERRIBLE TEENS Lol. Being a mother of boys you get to learn alot. The rough housing thinking you’re baby might get hurt playing with his friends. The sports they play. Wow They grow up quick to be these handsome young SMELLY men. Watching these two grow up right before my eyes is amazing. Being a parent is definitely the most rewarding but yet the most heart breaking. Dreading the day they move out. Ugh will it be hard??? As hard as raising them Lol??? 


About Happy Aries

Well I'm new to this 'blogging' not even sure what or who gave me the idea to start this but learning something new is always fun to me.
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