Parenting!!!! #Springbreak

Have to admit that I give it up to all you moms that stay at home with the kiddos 24/7!!!! Oops not leaving the stay at hone daddies can’t forget about you guys. Staying at home and dealing with the kids. Is it just me or do they sometimes drive you a little crazy!!!

Today is the last day of springbreak and I can not lie I am happy!!! Does that make me a bad parent???? They cleaned up my fridge and I don’t mean that in a dish rag and soap kind of clean up neither I mean my fridge is empty my cabinets cleared out food is gone!!! Being a mother of two HUNGRY boys is no joke!!!! Boy they are always hungry…. Where does all the food go????? They just swallow it up I mean do they even taste it??! But not only that the constant “I’m bored”, “what are we gonna do today?” questions. I wish I had spring break off too. I’m so thankful for school. Spring break down now dreading the oh so long summer break. Definitely not looking forward to that. We have two vacations set up and we are driving!!! What was I thinking lol!!! 19 hour drive. If Wisconsin wasn’t bad enough. But hopefully with the new bigger vehicle we had to buy and more planned road games hopefully this vacay will be a success. Will keep you updated and post about all my roadtrip ideas and see if they worked. 


About Happy Aries

Well I'm new to this 'blogging' not even sure what or who gave me the idea to start this but learning something new is always fun to me.
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